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The Lizzies

Nothing's gonna stop me from floating

Everyday is my wedding day.
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The Lizzies is a private discussion/haven group devoted to womans health and issues.

Topics include but are not limited to, healthly living,recipes,exercising, discussion of current media and trends, body image,music,crafting,beauty,weightloss, gender work place related issues, etc.

As with all communities there are some general rules you need to follow to be a Lizzie.

1. Respect other Lizzies. If there is a heated discussion, no personal insults,name calling,etc. If a person posts private information or photography you will not show those correspondence or images to people outside of the Lizzies, failing to do so will result in your removal from the group.

2. Try not to derail discussions/threads. At times this can be difficult, but if you notice yourself and others are veering off into a different direction take the time to make another thread so that Lizzies can communicate that way. Please also provide a link to the new discussion.